Remote Medical Consultation

TheHealthCareToday aims to benefit overseas patients through the knowledge and experience of globally trained medical experts as well as through the cost-efficient resources which are available in the country.

You need a second opinion for treatment if you are:

  • Confused about the right treatment.
  • Unsatisfied with your current treatment.
  • Looking to undergo a surgical procedure.
  • Searching for better doctors.

Pre-Operative Consultation

To ease the complex process of getting treated in India, which involves arranging for a visa, travelling, and more, TheHealthCareToday assists you with a comprehensive package of services, which include:

  • Evaluation by specialists through audio/video calls.
  • Simplification of medical documentation and interpretation of medical terms.
  • Selection of the right doctor, hospital and destination.
  • Coordination in comprehensive travel services that include visa, flights and more.
  • Booking of accommodation for you and your family
  • Organization of payment services.